Vendor Registration

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The City of Melbourne Vendor Self-Serve (VSS) system enables vendors to register and maintain information about their company for the purpose of doing business with the City of Melbourne.  Registration is a five-step process. Each step has a help function. Instructions are provided within each step by clicking on help. 

Vendors interested in receiving e-notifications of current solicitations must also register for e-notification at the end of the VSS registration process (see help function within step 5).

Please keep in mind that Vendor Self-Serve (VSS) does not save any information entered in the fields on any page until registration is complete. If a Vendor leaves the registration process by clicking cancel or exiting from VSS before completing all of the steps, all of the information entered is discarded and Vendor must start again.

W9 form:   A W9 is required for all new registrations and can be uploaded after all five-steps in the VSS are completed. (Click here for a blank W9 form:

Proof of Insurance: Service Contractors are required to maintain specific types and levels of insurance coverage depending on the services being provided and to submit proof of that insurance coverage in the form of a current Certificate of Insurance or a copy of their policy(s) declarations page. The certificate is required for all vendors prior to providing services. The certificate can be uploaded after all five-steps in the VSS are completed.